Grand Opening November 1959


For sixty years Hawkins Farmers Co-op has served the needs of farmers and the people of Hawkins County. Our cooperative was chartered back in 1959 as an agriculture cooperative. It was started by farmers of our very rural county at that time to secure dependable and quality feed, seed, and fertilizer products at a fair and reasonable price. Back then there were twenty dairies and a half acre to three acre tobacco allotments on every farm; How times have changed.

Our first humble business location in 1959 was a small store building on Depot Street in Rogersville. In 1961 we bought the property and built our first building at our present location on 240 Burem Road. A giant leap of faith by our incorporating directors: John Cornwell, Carl D. Frazier, Ron Odom, Fred P. Rogers, John Dalton, Grant Greene, David C. Parker, J.C. Roller, Jack K. Davis, Roy Morgan, E.E. Randles, and J.B. Winkle Jr. Financing was secured by selling interest bearing preferred stock to farmers, and borrowing funds from the Louisville Bank Of Cooperatives. All of which have been paid off many years ago. 

The individual farmer members are the actual owners of our Co-op. By being a member, it gives the individual voting rights at our annual membership meeting and being eligible to receive patronage refunds in proportion to their purchases at the end of the business year. BUT, you do not have to be a member to buy and take advantage of all the products and services our Co-op has to offer.

Today our Co-op offers something for everyone. Although we are still basic in farm supplies, we offer rental services, fuel, tires, small engine sales and service, lawn and garden, clothing, pet supplies, ACE hardware products plus on line shopping with in store pick up, and Ag consulting. 

Our Co-op's first manager in 1959 was Silas Maxwell followed by other managers through the years to our present manager Brian Julian. Many faithful and dedicated employees have spent a lifetime working for and serving our patrons. We count our employees as our greatest asset. Their experience, dedication and desire to serve our customers is what has make our Co-op successful.




PresidentM. Dwight Books 
Vice PresidentJ. Scott Rutledge 
SecretaryStacy Marsh

Bill Shoupe

M. Scott Folden 

Chris B. Collier

Allice Brooks 

Gordell Ely

Tom Davis